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Natural Blood Thinners You Already May Have in Your Kitchen

Natural Blood Thinners You Already May Have in Your Kitchen Natural Blood Thinners You Already May Have in Your Kitchen

Anticoagulant medications have been implicated in serious adverse reactions, with countless case reports indicating the use of these drugs can lead to hospital admission from issues like excessive bleeding. Because of their potential for harm, being aware of natural blood thinners as potential alternatives is critical.

Blood clots are among the most preventable types of blood conditions. That's because they can be prevented with simple lifestyle and dietary changes.

Adding natural blood thinners to your diet and wellness routine can have a tremendous impact, without the fear of adverse side effects. 

       What Are Blood Thinners? 

Blood thinners are used to prevent the development of life-threatening blood clots that can cause serious health events, like heart attack and stroke.

Although blood clots are necessary to prevent blood loss during injury and to allow for wound healing, clot formation in the bloodstream can lead to dangerous complications.

Blood thinners are commonly prescribed to patients with certain cardiovascular conditions, like deep vein thrombosis, irregular heart rhythm and blood vessel disease. Some herbs serve as natural blood thinners because of their anticoagulant effects as well.

  Top 8 Natural Blood Thinners 


1. Turmeric

2. Cayenne Pepper

3. Cinnamon

4. Ginger

5. Garlic

6. Vitamin E

7. Exercise

8. Helichrysum Essential Oil


  • Natural blood thinners help prevent blood clots that can lead to serious health events like heart attack or stroke.
  • Oftentimes, conventional anticoagulants are prescribed to prevent dangerous blood clotting, but many of these medications have adverse side effects.
  • When it's appropriate and advised by a health care professional, using natural blood thinners, such as cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper and garlic, has antithrombosis and anticoagulant effects, boosting cardiovascular health and overall wellness.
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