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We provide smart service for members . we support complete patients.
Our medicines are 100% herbal and we provide unique services to our patients, users and buyers

If you have an account at Bouali International Website, you can login here.

 You can use your login using your email instead of your username.

In the future, digital signature encryption technology will also be added to the Bouali Account Login section.

If users have an account on the world's leading social networks, they can login to Bouali International Website. Valid social networks are as follows by:

1. Facebook

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4. Yahoo

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8. Gate Hub

To receive services and observe more features, visitors and guests need to sign up in the Bouali International Website to utilize the services using their account.

Once users signed up, they are referred to the profile completion section at the first login and can access all services once the profile is complete. Those who sign up as a specialist or patient can benefit from services and facilities if their identity is verified by the Central Department.

Individuals who have been visited by scholars of Bouali International Website can use support services to complete their treatment process anywhere in the world; services are dedicated to patients signed in Bouali International Website

In this section, you can see a complete list of medicines available in Bouali International Website, along with medicine information and medicine boxes. Visitors can choose and purchase the medicines they want according to the terms and trade conditions of Bouali International Website.

In this section, we teach natural health culture to all users of the site anywhere in the world. These tutorials are completely graphical, multimedia available to all people in every language and culture. This section has numerous unique features related to the education of natural health culture based on the medicine of Polling-ol-Rais Abu Ali Sina.

Bouali International

Bouali International Website is designed according to the latest global standards and aims to promote normal health based on Ibn Sina (Avicenna) as well as the welfare of scholars, traditional medicine scholars, physicians, patients, and all those interested in Bouali medicine as much as possible. offers special services and facilities to its members worldwide by means of artificial intelligence algorithms. These services and facilities are offered based on the date and time, weekday, seasons, geographical and regional location, state, city, language, gender, temperament, blood group, age, and physical condition of the visitor and also the device by which, (s)he logged in.

Phytology Social

An electronic community with attractive and modern communication facilities are designed for discussion and dissemination of contents of traditional medicine experts, physicians, scholars, traditional medicine students and researchers, and those interested in traditional medicine and Polling Ibn Sina.

Bouali Groups

Member's of Bouali International site can subscribe to groups on the site that deal with botanical topics and traditional medicine, and Polling ol-Rays of Ibn Sina and modern medical science, and publish their own content and add relevant information to it or to have a discussion in this regard.

Users can also create groups and invite other friends to their group


Users can send messages to other members of the site through the site's messenger system and receive messages from them in return.

Note: Ability to send messages to others will depend on the level of account privacy of the recipient of the message

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Bouali Medicine's

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Doctor's Appointment

An appointment with a physician and natural remedies can save you from the disease forever. Bouali clinic will insure you forever


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